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The leading Swiss organisation for hosting unconference-style events, aimed at promoting education in the data space, around topics like Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, UX Research.

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Our Purpose

The idea of our events is to create an environment for people to create, learn and share through discussions and interactions with other participants. They provide an alternative to traditional (analytics) conferences with a 1-to-many format.

As unconference-style events, there are no pre-defined speakers. You, as the participant, will provide the topics and content you find most interesting and useful.

Our events provide:

  • People from diverse backgrounds and positions in data and elsewhere to network and learn from

  • A place to discuss, create, share and collaborate on various topics that interest you

  • Low-cost opportunities to meet new people and expand your network

  • A relaxed, friendly atmosphere to both be serious and fun

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Our History

AnalyticsCamp Switzerland was born from the lack of traditional education and knowledge-sharing formats, which leaves the industry to rely on other forms and means.

Furthermore, most Data Analytics conferences are designed more as a sales format with few hands-on, interactive elements that are the core of (tacit) knowledge-sharing. The dialogue of sponsor-driven events tend to revolve around tools, instead of actually talking about other important subjects within the data space.


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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

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Bénédicte Favre
Co-Founder & Association President
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Janine Lee
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Jonas Wendler
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Matthew Brandt
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Walter Heckendorn
Honorary Co-Founder
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