ticketing open for analyticscamp switzerland 2024!

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Friday, September 27th, 2024

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Ergon Informatik AG, Merkurstrasse 43, 8032 Zurich


Welcome to AnalyticsCamp Switzerland, the open unconference association designed for digital enthusiasts and data professionals of all levels.
Join us for dynamic events focused on analytics, data science, visualization, business intelligence, UX research, and more. Our collaborative, informal setting fosters engaging discussions and interactive learning opportunities with like-minded individuals. Say goodbye to one-to-many conferences and hello to an exciting exchange of ideas. Get ready to create, learn, and share!


Everyone is welcome!

AnalyticsCamp Switzerland was started in 2017 with the focus on hosting friendly events for exchanging knowledge and socialising.

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Example Topics

Topics often discussed

Topic One
Digital Analytics

The collection and analysis of digital data to optimize business performance, incl. topics like Tag Management.

Topic two
Artificial Intelligence

The use of algorithms and statistical models to enable computer systems to improve themselves.

Topic three

The creation and maintenance of databases and data management systems, with both cloud and on-premise.

Topic Four

The design and development of products and services that meet and exceed user expectations.

Topic Five
Marketing & Product Analytics

The use of data and insights to measure and optimize marketing and product performance, from customer acquisition to retention and engagement.

Topic Six
Data Tooling

Software tools and applications used for data management, analysis, and visualization, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of data-related tasks.


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