FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to collect the most frequently asked questions. If that does not provide you with the answers you need, feel free to reach out to us (hello@analytiscamp.ch).


Ticket Return/Refund Policy

You can return your ticket until two days before the event, 18h00 Zurich timezone. After that, ticket returns are not possible. If you want to return your ticket please email us at hello@analyticscamp.ch. It might take a few working days for funds to be transferred back to you.

Ticket Transfer

You can transfer your ticket, but no later than the day before the event, 18h00 Zurich timezone. Kindly let us know by emailing us (hello@analyticscamp.ch) with the first and last name as well as the email address of the new ticket holder. Transfer of the funds needs to be managed between the both of you.


As we organize AnalyticsCamp in our free time and do not return a profit, we currently do not provide discounts.



What do I need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything in particular. However,  we would advise bringing a notepad and a pen/pencil for note-taking or a laptop. Just like you would for a regular conference or a meetup. If you’re planning to host a Barcamp session which includes a presentation (digital slide deck), please remember to bring your own laptop and ideally some adapters (#AllTheDongles).


As mentioned in our Barcamp Newbie section, AnalyticsCamp is a public event. Hence, it is allowed to take pictures (unless otherwise stated) and expect people to take pictures. Though, we advise all participants to ask before taking and sharing pictures – for privacy and confidentiality reasons. It’s a Barcamp about data after all.

When does the event start?

Please refer to our schedule.

Is it an English-only event?

AnalyticsCamp is not an English-only event. Sessions can be held in German or any other language (if you want to), as long as there are people that want to participate. Though, in regards to the technical nature and a more international crowd, English is the main event language.