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Thank You & Recap – AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017

AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 was amazing! Thank you very much for participating and making it a success! A week after AnalyticsCamp we wanted to sum up the barcamp, ask for your feedback and thank our sponsors again. Short Recap of AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 Talk about first impressions AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 got off to a good start: almost perfect weather and the view from the Tamedia building. We couldn’t have wished for more. Great Sessions! From standardized campaign tracking, over Google Analytics 360, data privacy, surveys, automation, attribution, data quality, to machine learning. We – kind of – had it all. Thanks y’all for all the amazing input! Of course, there’s always room for improvement (e.g. more entry level sessions or more advanced UX or data science), though we were satisfied. And next time you know the drill: invite your friends and get your topics in! If you want to check out the complete session plan again, just use the Google Spreadsheet link in our blog post about 2017’s sessions. International and Diverse It probably helped that we …

Sessions 2017

Here are y’alls sessions for AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017. You can also access the sessions here (Google Spreadsheet): Session Plan – AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 Again, if you have issues finding your session, check out the room overview (cool .gifs).

Latest Info

Tomorrow is the big day, AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017. We are tremendously excited and are looking forward to a great event. Here are some more infos about tomorrow’s event, though if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Location, Schedule, & Room Plan You can find the location, the schedule and the room overview (for the sessions) on Please try to be on time, as we have to sign everybody in at the entrance. You’ll have time to mix and mingle at breakfast shortly before the intro and session planning. After that we’ll have sessions, lunch, more sessions and an apero. Session Planning AnalyticsCamp is an Analytics-themed Barcamp, which means we will plan the sessions for the day after the intro, where you sort of have to pitch / present your topic. The sessions will then be put on the session board. One topic per room, per time slot. We’ll try to digitalize it after the planning process, otherwise the board will always be in the main room. So you …

Big Shoutout to our Sponsors & Partners!

Less than to days to go till AnalyticsCamp Switzerland (reminder: May 5, 2017), so we wanted to thank our sponsors and partners again! Without their support – well, except for y’alls participation – this event would not be possible. We are tremendously thankful for that. Feel free to follow them online or checkout what they do. Tamedia: | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin Dotpulse: | Twitter |  Facebook | Linkedin Ticketville: Yourposition: | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin Sponsors & Partners of AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017   In the meantime, check out the schedule or grab a ticket, if you haven’t bought one yet. In case you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Questions about AnalyticsCamp Switzerland?

If you have questions about AnalyticsCamp Switzerland, please contact us via Twitter (@AnalyticsCampCH) or Email. We are always happy to help! What about parking? Is it an English-only event? What can I expect? We are consolidating frequently asked questions and will update them regularly on our FAQ page.