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Survey Results: What’s next for AnalyticsCamp?

Thanks everybody for filling in our survey. As said in our last message, it means the world to us!

After about two weeks we now have some initial results and we will discuss them within the team at our next meeting.

To keep you in the loop, here’s a quick update:

About two-thirds (n=17) of respondents prefer either a mini-camp or a big event.

In terms of location, the top three are:

  1. Bern
  2. Winterthur
  3. Basel

Surprisingly and probably due to our selection bias, Geneva received no vote at all.

On top of that we also got a few other comments and suggestions: from support organising the camp, Zoom lunches, to an almost desperate plea to not have “virtual” events. Thanks so much!

As said, we’ll discuss within the team and hopefully get back to you with a plan soon.

Best and see you soon!
The AnalyticsCamp team

PS: Apparently we had hiccups with our Slack signup requests and never processed them for the last two years 🙈. We are deeply sorry and will add everybody who requested access within the next few days.

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