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Update on AnalyticsCamp 2020

Sadly, there won’t be a main AnalyticsCamp Switzerland in 2020.
But we are still evaluating alternatives. 

It’s been a while since you last heard from us. Thanks for your patience.

Like so many in 2020, we have struggled with how to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. As numbers are rising again, we deemed it not possible to hold a full-day in-person AnalyticsCamp in 2020.

Hence, in other words, there won’t be a main AnalyticsCamp in 2020. 😭

Just like you, we were looking forward to a fun and knowledge sharing rich event, but the situation made it impossible for us to move forward with the camp this year. Though it would be somehow possible with official guidelines from the federal government, from an ethical and moral standpoint we decided against it.

What about a new date?

At the moment, we do not have a new date for a main AnalyticsCamp. The situation is too unclear. Apologies. Though, we hope the situation will improve so that we can maybe organize something in spring/summer 2021. Fingers crossed. 🤞

We will inform you again once we have an idea if, how and when an event makes sense again.

What about a digital-only event or a mini-camp?

We do crave an analytics event as much as you do (we assume, but it’s certainly a competition). So we are still looking into what we can do to organize something in 2020.

With all the webinars and digital conferences out there, we feel there’s quite a lot going on already – esp. given new phenomena like Zoom Fatigue. Our goal is to create something meaningful, not just more time spent in front of your computer.

Hence, we will continue to evaluate what makes sense. If you have input, feel free to reach out.

A mini-camp might also be an option – with certain restrictions. But that depends on how the numbers and official guidelines develop the next weeks. And if we find suitable locations that support a safe event.

A positive note

We really appreciate that quite a few of you reached out to us in the last couple of weeks, months (in-person or written). Means the world to us. 💌Thank you!

This also means that the analytics community is alive and well given the circumstances (we sincerely do hope y’all are well). Just a bit more hidden, non-visible.

If you want to discuss topics, we invite you to utilize the AnalyticsCamp Slack more. Channels can be created to suit needs. But feel free to also bond on MeasureSlack or join a MeasureTalk. Whatever helps us as a community, we will try to support. 💪

Any questions or remarks?

If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out via Email, the AnalyticsCamp Slack, or Twitter.

Thanks so much again for your patience and understanding.
Stay safe and healthy.

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