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Thank You & Recap – AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017

AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 was amazing! Thank you very much for participating and making it a success!

A week after AnalyticsCamp we wanted to sum up the barcamp, ask for your feedback and thank our sponsors again.

Short Recap of AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017

Talk about first impressions

AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 got off to a good start: almost perfect weather and the view from the Tamedia building. We couldn’t have wished for more.

Great Sessions!

From standardized campaign tracking, over Google Analytics 360, data privacy, surveys, automation, attribution, data quality, to machine learning. We – kind of – had it all.

Thanks y’all for all the amazing input! Of course, there’s always room for improvement (e.g. more entry level sessions or more advanced UX or data science), though we were satisfied. And next time you know the drill: invite your friends and get your topics in!

If you want to check out the complete session plan again, just use the Google Spreadsheet link in our blog post about 2017’s sessions.

International and Diverse

It probably helped that we kept most of the event in English, nevertheless, we were really impressed by how international AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 was. And not just y’alls incredible international experience, but also how far you’ve traveled to get to our analytics-themed barcamp. For instance from Hamburg and Munich. Incredible.

Incredible was also y’alls backgrounds. So much diversity. From younger folks, to seasoned analytics enthusiasts. From digital analytics, over online marketing to geophysics. From data experts to participants looking into a career change. The only thing missing was a bit more gender diversity. Next year!

Most importantly, we had fun

Between great sessions, discussions, and networking, we also had some fun. At least that’s our perception. Otherwise, we are open to feedback.

The apero, the view from Tamedia’s rooftop deck (so cool, right?), hanging out with so many interesting people (yes, you!), it has been a pleasure. Truly.

Social Media Buzz

Yes, we are on Twitter (@AnalyticsCampCH). Does that count as Social Media?

Fair enough, it’s not like we really made trending topics in any country. So, no, no buzz (#viral). Though, we really appreciated y’alls impressions, feedback and thoughts.


As said multiple time, and yes, it is getting annoying, we would really appreciate your feedback! We already have received some praise, inspiration and a bit of constructive criticism, though, we want more.

Hence, we would be really grateful, if you would fill out our little survey, tell us in person, or message us.

Thanks so much again, y’all truly made AnalyticsCamp Switzerland 2017 what it was.

Stay in touch

We do not know for certain at this point, though we hope to be able to do another analytics barcamp (hopefully soon-ish).

So if you want to stay in touch, for the latest news or ticket infos, please subscribe to our mailing list (below), check back here, or follow us on Twitter (@AnalyticsCampCH).

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Sponsors & Partners

And, finally, thanks again to our sponsors and partners:

Tamedia: | TwitterFacebook | Linkedin
Dotpulse: | Twitter |  Facebook | Linkedin
Yourposition: | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

On a related note, our sponsor Yourposition is also conducting a Swiss Digital Analytics survey.


TamediaDotpulseTicketvilleYourposition AG


All the best from the AnalyticsCamp team!

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